Elmira College Honors Program Application

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The Honors Program at Elmira College

The Honors Program at Elmira College embodies the conviction that the traditions of inquiry and knowledge historically identified with the liberal arts and sciences make up the core of a college education and the foundation of a productive and meaningful life. While the College is committed to a strong general education for all students regardless of their major or chosen career, the Honors Program builds upon that commitment through an immersion in the “practical liberal arts” in which exploration of the liberal arts and sciences is geared toward nurturing civically engaged scholars and professionals. Students who display extraordinary academic abilities, a high degree of motivation, and wide-ranging intellectual and cultural curiosity are invited to join a community of faculty, staff and peers in an integrated program of specially designed courses and co-curricular learning experiences.

As indicated in the description of the program on the Elmira College website and in the brochure you have received, the Elmira College Honors Program is designed for students who want to stretch their wings and explore the full range of the liberal arts and science disciplines, whatever their major turns out to be.  To paraphrase something everybody believes Mark Twain said (though there is no evidence he ever said it): we are looking for people who want to learn, not those who simply want to be schooled.     


I understand that this application will become the property of the Honors Program and will not be returned to me. I authorize the Honors Program access to all information submitted to Elmira College as part of my Application for Admission.