Elmira College Undergraduate Application

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Student Information

Anticipated Enrollment Information

All Full-Time Undergraduate students will be required to reside in college housing. Exceptions to this policy include the following: 
  • Married Students
  •  Students residing with their parents or biological children and within fifty miles from campus 
  • Students 24 years or older

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Academic Information

Standardized Test Scores
If you are a first time college student under the age of 24, please provide us with the following information.  All others please continue to the next page.

Students can now decide if they want their standardized test scores, such as the SAT or ACT, to be considered with their application for admission.  Students who feel the ACT or SAT scores accurately reflects their academic abilities may still submit the test scores.

Please list all institutions of higher education you have attended.
College Information

College Information

College Information

Optional Information

Please provide us with the following information regarding your employer

Relationship Information

Relationship Information

Relationship Information

Supplemental Information

Personal Statement/Essay

The personal statement is a unique opportunity for you to tell us anything that you feel would be useful as we make our admissions decision.  It can provide us with the opportunity to learn more about you as an individual, beyond the information you have already provided